Welcome to the National Crime Investigation Bureau's website. NCIB is the name of Crime and Corrupted killer team, Operator's across India to hell identify prevent, solve and reduce Crime. We take urgent step and investigation of all type of crime like Fake currency, Narcotics, Drugs, Wild life protection objective Animals, Antics, Corruption, illegal Stamp, illegal Post and Weapons. We also take action and Investigation of the Human Right Atrocities, Bonded labour Atrocities, Child Labour Atrocities, Police Atrocities, Women Atrocities etc. This invaluable community service enables anyone with detains of criminal activity to pass them on anonymously without fear of exposure or retribution.

All the interested citizen's has to do is call +91-9839229311 every call is treated with absolute any miry so that nobody will know the identify of the caller expect can also get cash rewards without compromising his/her anonymity when you call +91-9839229311 or give information by any other means no one need ever knows who you are when you call you will not be asked your name your call not be traced or recorded and you do not have to give a statement or go to court.

So let's go, fight against Crime / Corruption and help us to make our country Crime and Corruption free. Give secret information for all illegal works under Indian penal Act.

Join us to make our society Crime free and Safe. We will give powerful support for working good social work for our greatest country India.

Crime is problem
You may have the solution
!!!! Jai Hind !!!!

Suresh Shukla
Founder Director
National Chairman
National Crime Investigation Bureau
Email: chairman@ncib.in

If you are not affected today
you will be affected tomorrow